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Volume 8 - January, 2003 - December, 2003

Note from the Editor regarding Volume 8:

In our efforts to maintain continuity of the journal we are posting 8 articles. The articles have been reviewed and we have made efforts to contact all of the authors. All are acceptable in content for publication, although they are not properly formatted, and in some cases the figures are missing or were illegible. Nonetheless we have posted these articles to give the authors' credit for their work in 2003. We expect to reformat all of these articles in the near future.

On a personal note, we would like to acknowledge the passing of a member of our editorial team and dear friend, Michael A. Fenton. We have felt this loss deeply and it has been difficult for us to proceed with the Journal in a timely manner. However we are determined to carry on.

Lester F. Harris Ph.D.
Editor in Chief
WWW Journal of Biology


Research Articles

8-1 Capitalizing the Approved Common Names of Species. (MS-WORD Document)
Ernest H Williams, Jr and Lucy Bunkley-Williams

On-line date: December, 2003
8-2 Statistical determination of the rigidity in flexion of some Cameroonian hardwoods. (MS-WORD Document)
Pierre Kisito Talla, J.C. Chedjou1, H.B. Fotsing, Anjah G., Amos Foudjet, Utah, Daniel Guitard

On-line date: December, 2003
8-3 Copepod community structure and population dynamics in a freshwater habitat in Midnapore. (MS-WORD Document)
Priti Ranjan Pahari, Tapan Kr. Dutta and Tanmay Bhattacharya.

On-line date: December, 2003
8-4 Effect of regulating the red/far-red light ratios by shading On seedlings of milicia excelsa and nauclea diderrichii. (MS-WORD Document)
Anjah, G. M., Focho D. A., Annih M.G. & Kum, C. K.

On-line date: December, 2003
8-5 Destiny of a transgene escaped from Brassica napus into B. rapa (MS-WORD Document)
C.M. Lu . M. Kato* . F. Kakihara

On-line date: December, 2003
8-6 Optimizing transcription efficiency in eukaryotic systems using a hybrid approach involving an Artificial Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm: a case study of b globin gene.
Rupali N. Kalate, S. S. Tambe and B. D. Kulkarni

On-line date: December, 2003
8-7 Quantitative estimating the effect of cellulase components in degradation of cotton fibers
Lu-Shang Wang, Yu-Zhong Zhang,and Pei-ji Gao

On-line date: December, 2003
http://epress.com/w3jbio/ vol8/wang/Reg-3htm.htm
8-8 Assignment of Protein Sequence to Functional Family Using Neural Network & Dempster-Shafer Theory (Adobe Acrobat PDF file)
Nazar M. Zaki, Shafaai Deris, and Satya Nanda

On-line date: December, 2003