Volume 4

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Volume 5 - January, 2000 - December, 2000


Research Articles

5-1 The Effect of Infrasound Vibrations on Electrical Conductivity of Water and Optical Properties of DNA Aquatic Solution.
Ayrapetyan, S.N., Stepanian, R.S., Ayrapetyan, G.S., Markarian, G.F. and Arakelian, A.G.
On-line date: January 26, 2000
5-2 Pulmonary Mechanoreceptors and the Modulation of Ventilator Pattern and Variability in the Marine Toad, Bufo Marinus.
Flávio C. Coelho
On-line date: January 26, 2000
5-3 A comparison of oogenesis under constant and fluctuating temperatures in Doctor fish, Garra rufa Heckel, 1843 (Teleostei: Cyprinidae)
F. Bardakci, U. Ozanosy and E. Koptage
On-line date: May 11, 2000