Volume 4

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Volume 4 - January, 1999 - December, 1999


Research Articles

4-1 Three New Species of the Wood Roach, Cryptocercus (Blattodea: Cryptocercidae), From the Eastern United States.
Craig A. Burnside, Paul T. Smith and Srini Kambhampati
On-line date: February 25, 1999
Erratum added February 4, 2000
4-2 Frequency Tuning on Red Noise Driven Stochastic Resonance: Implications to the evolution of sensory systems.
Flávio C. Coelho and Claudia T. Codeço
On-line date: February 25, 1999
4-3 mRNA Classification Based on Calculated Folding Free Energies
William Seffens Ph.D.
On-line date: February 25, 1999
4-4 Monte Carlo Probabilities of Cluster Formation by Image Noise.
Jerry J. Sychra, Michael J. Blend, Noam Alperin, and Steven U. Brint
On-line date: April 7, 1999
4-5 Isolated populations of Chorthippus parallelus erythropus (Orthopera: Acrididae); a divergence evolution from populations in contact with the Chorthippus parallelus hybrid zone.
Jose M. Rubio
On-line date: October 28, 1999
4-6 Adaptation to Lysozyme Does Not Occur Via Receptor-Mediated Endocytosis in Tetrahymena thermophila
Joseph M. Cantor, Stephanie R. Mace, Coriann M. Kooy, Brian D. Caldwell, and Heather G. Kuruvilla
On-line date: October 28, 1999
4-7 Detection of Gene Expression Patterns in Various Plant Tissues Using Non-Radioactive mRNA in situ Hybridization
Guoping Shu, David Baum, and Laurens Mets
On-line date: December 8, 1999