Volume 3

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Volume 3 - January, 1998 - December, 1998


Research Articles

3-1 Genetic Information Is Conserved Between Estrogen Response Elements and the c-DNA Encoding the Estrogen Receptor DNA Binding Domain: A Code For Site-Specific DNA Recognition.
Lester F. Harris, Michael R. Sullivan and Pamela D. Popken-Harris
On-line date: February 3, 1998
3-3 Immunocytochemistry and in situ Hybridization - is the order important?
Neil R. McEwan Ph.D.
On-line date: May 7, 1998
3-5 Morphometric study using wing image analysis for identification of Bactrocera dorsalis complex (Diptera : Tephritidae).
Suwannee Adsavakulchai, Visut Baimai, Wudhibhan Prachyabrued, Paul J.Grote and Surat Lertlum
On-line date: October 28, 1998

Technical Reports

3-2 An Inexpensive Low-Temperature Incubator
Jeffrey H. Boatright, Eleanore A. Gross, John W. Peoples, and John M. Nickerson
On-line date: April 16, 1998
Submitted: October, 1997

Clinical Reports

3-4 The Temporal Dermatohistopathologic Examination of Human Psoriatic Skin Treated with a Novel Topical Liquid Formulation Containing Clobetasol Propionate
Charles E. Crutchfield III, MMB, MD
On-line date: June 16, 1998
Submitted: March, 1998