Volume 2

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Volume 2 - December, 1996 - December, 1997


Obituary: Dr. David F. Hickok

Letters to the Editor


2-1 Apical cytoplasmic organization and polar growth in Rhizoctonia solani are modified by cytochalasins.
Stanley N. Grove and James A. Sweigard
On-line date: November 1, 1996
2-2 Molecular Dynamics Simulation Of The Estrogen Receptor Protein In Complex With A Non-Consensus Estrogen Response Element DNA Sequence In A 10 Angstrom Water Layer.
Lester F. Harris, Michael R. Sullivan, Pamela D. Popken-Harris and David F. Hickok
On-line date: November 1, 1996
2-3 High Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acid Status in Nigerians and Low Status in Minnesotans.
Ralph T. Holman, Susan B. Johnson, Douglas M. Bibus, Theo C. Okeahialem and Peter O. Egwim
On-line date: November 1, 1996
2-4 Plant-Insect Interactions: The Hackberry Nipple Gall.
Jeff McDermott, Richard Meilan, and Robert Thornburg
On-line date: November 1, 1996
2-5 Purification of porcine uterine retinol-binding proteins and their effect on platelet aggregation.
Paula A. Gerstmann, Edward C. Segerson, Jr., Huzoor-Akbar and Finnie A. Murray
On-line date: November 1, 1996
2-6 Measurement of Electromagnetic Field in the Healing Response.
Michael Heffernan
On-line date: December 1, 1996
2-7 Metabolic rate and thermal conductance in a mycophagous marsupial, Bettongia gaimardi.
Randy Rose
On-line date: June 13, 1997
2-8 Genetic and biochemical characterization of a "lost" unstable flower color phenotype in interspecific crosses of Nicotiana.
Tadeusz Kornaga, David Zyzak, Augustin Kintinar, John W. Baynes, and Robert W. Thornburg.
On-line date: June 24, 1997
2-9 A Comprehensive Approach to a Laboratory Two-Phase Liquid Biodegradation Study.
Gregory.T. Kleinheinz and Susan.T. Bagley
On-line date: July 29, 1997