Volume 1

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Volume 1 - October, 1995 - November, 1996


1-E Editorial - Electronic publishing in the sciences.
Lester F. Harris
On-line date: October 1, 1995

Letters to the Editor


1-1 Inhibition of NAA-induced Adventitious Roots in Mung Bean Cuttings by Kinetin, Zeatin, Ethidium Bromide and Other DNA Intercalators.
Jun Chen, Francis H. Witham and Charles W. Heuser
On-line date: October 1, 1995
1-2 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Glucocorticoid Receptor Protein in Complex With a Glucocorticoid Response Element in a 10 Angstrom Water Layer.
Lester F. Harris, Michael R. Sullivan, Pamela D. Popken-Harris and David F. Hickok
On-line date: October 1, 1995
1-3 A Stereochemical Rationale For the Genetic Code Derived From Complementary Fit Of Amino Acids Into Cavities Formed In Codon/Anticodon Sequences in Double Stranded DNA: Further Evidence Based Upon Noncomplementarity of Untranslated Amino Acids.
Lawrence B. Hendry, Virendra B. Mahesh, Edwin D. Bransome, Jr., Marion S. Hutson and Lillian K. Campbell
On-line date: October 1, 1995
1-4 A Comparison of Rolling vs. Non-rolling Cultures for the Early Detection of Viruses in Clinical Specimens.
John H. Hughes, Michele A. Sturgill-Dible, and Vincent V. Hamparian
On-line date: October 1, 1995
1-5 Expression of jun Oncogene in Rodent and Human Breast Tumors.
Taniya Sarkar, Wei Zhao, and Nurul H. Sarkar
On-line date: October 1, 1995