Founder: Dr. David F. Hickok Dr. David F. Hickok (1930-1996), was a surgeon at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis for 31 years and founder in 1968 of the Hospital's Cancer Research Laboratory. Since 1979, Dr. Hickok and Dr. Harris, the laboratory's co-director, have been studying the mouse mammary tumor virus in the RIII strain of mice as a model for breast cancer. In addition, since 1986, the laboratory has been conducting molecular dynamics simulations in solvent utilizing grants of Cray supercomputer time from the Minnesota Supercomputer Institute to study the atomic interactions between steroid hormone receptor proteins and DNA. The findings from this research have gained the laboratory international recognition. Coupling molecular models and computer simulations with molecular biology, the David F. Hickok Cancer Research Laboratory is now a recognized leader in the new discipline of molecular medicine using computer models to design and refine laboratory experiments.

Dr. Hickok will be remembered for his genius as a surgeon by the many patients whose life he extended by his skill. Having seen the ravages of breast cancer first hand in his surgeries, Dr. Hickok was committed to cancer research dedicated to understanding and winning the fight against cancer. From Dr. Hickok's vision - to better understand breast cancer and its causes through research - the excellent work that began many years ago continues in his memory under the scientific direction of Dr. Harris.