WWW Journal of Biology - Advertiser's Guide


The World Wide Web Journal of Biology offers an excellent opportunity for advertisers to reach scientists and other professionals working in the life sciences and biomedicine as well as establish an internet presence on the World Wide Web.

The internet has 20-30 million users at present, with internet activity (new users, new service providers) increasing at about 30% to 50% per month. Historically, the internet has been populated by a highly technical community of individuals from government, industry and academia. Although the demographics are changing, it is expected that the dominance of the technical community on the internet will be a continuing trend.

Association of your WWW site with an internet based peer-reviewed scientific journal will make your advertising message accessible to your targeted market as in any journal. However the advantages of advertising on the internet are numerous:

  • The WWW Journal of Biology has numerous links in internet indexes and libraries.
  • Full color images can be included at no additional charge.
  • Interactive messages allow immediate ordering and/or requests for info.
  • Detailed access statistics for your message are available.
  • Rates are highly competitive compared to print advertising.
  • A simple and direct means of providing your company with an internet presence.
  • Separate, secure internet site insures the integrity of your message.
  • HTML editing and graphics support is available.
  • Links to corporate home pages, newsgroups, etc. are free of charge.
  • Additional technical support is available.

For more information contact the editors at the following E-mail address: editor@epress.com. or by mail at: The Editors, WWW Journal of Biology, Epress, Inc., 130 Union Terrace Lane Plymouth, MN 55441.

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